What’s PhotoPeach?

Our idea is to help you tell better stories online using photos. With PhotoPeach you can create a rich slideshow in seconds to engage your friends or family. We also support background music, captions, and comments so you can elaborate on your story further.

You have heard again and again: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if you could add a thousand words to your photos, and some music? We think the whole slideshow is greater than the sum of the photos, words, and music.

How to Create PhotoPeach Slideshows

1. Upload Photos

First choose pictures from your computer. Then Photopeach will automatically upload them.

2. Arrange Photos

Now, all the pictures are ready to be presented in the slideshow. You can change the order the photos should appear in by dragging and dropping, and when you are satisfied, click “Next”.

3. Add Music

Now, enter the title of the slideshow and add music. PhotoPeach allows you to directly search for the desirable track on Youtube without leaving the site.

4. Done!

Click "Finish" and your slideshow is ready.

Now, add captions on the slideshow, and try embedding slideshow into your blog, facebook, myspace, or posting to twitter with the buttons below.

Special Features

Quiz Slides

You can easily add interactive quizzes to any images in your slideshow. example »

Three different privacy levels

Control privacy settings for each slideshow: Public, Unlisted (default) and Private. detail »

Comment function

Others can comment on your slideshow and share their thoughts. Comments are shown at the end of slideshow wherever it goes. detail »

Please visit our help page if you would like to know more about PhotoPeach features.

PhotoPeach Premium

Our premium service allows you to download unlimited shows; upload your own .mp3 music files; create unlimited photo albums and unlimited photos per album; customize the transition effects; and ad-free. Upgrade now for $3 per month and enjoy full version of PhotoPeach!

More Information

Please visit creativecommons.org to learn more about the free exchange of content online.