Summary of Data Loss Due to Hard Disk Failure

(December 20, 2012)
We have encountered a problem while upgrading our servers to accommodate the growing data and traffic. Some slideshows created from Jun 2010 to December 18 2012 will not be accessible at this time. We are deeply sorry for the long downtime and we are working to restore all slideshows for affected users. You can still create new slideshows and use all PhotoPeach features. We will inform you as soon as the recovery is completed.

(January 15, 2013)
We have been trying to recover lost user data for the past few weeks, however, it has not been successful despite using a specialized third party data recovery service.

We estimate that as many as 50% of our users were affected by data loss. We are continuing to try and restore the data with alternative methods, but unfortunately we believe that the chances of success are not very high.

For those looking for a technical explanation, we had stored the photo data using redundant techniques (RAID) across five hard disks, however, two of them failed at the same time. Ordinarily if one hard disk fails, this allows us to replace the bad disk and rebuild the data from a copy on one of the other disks.

Having two simultaneous hard disk failures is extremely rare, but nonetheless we accept that our server management system was insufficient and we should have had at least one additional backup for your valuable data. We know some of our users rely on our services for education and work purposes and that this may have come at a bad time for all users.

We have implemented rock-solid server management practices since this happened and we will learn from it to improve the service going forward.

At this time you can still create new slideshows and use all PhotoPeach features.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience that you may have experienced and we will be offering a full one month refund to all of our premium users.

The PhotoPeach Team

(January 21, 2013)
To all our valued premium customers:
We want to apologize for the recently lost data. All premium customers who were charged between November 23, 2012 and December 22, 2012, will receive a one month refund via PayPal. Please be aware that It might take up to one month to finish refunding all of our premium customers. Thank you for your patience.

If at this time you would like to discontinue your premium service, cancel your premium subscription via PayPal and see our updated FAQ for more information. Our small team sincerely appreciates your business this far whether you choose to stay with us or not.

Sorry and Thank You,

The PhotoPeach Team