Photopeach for Education

Learn together in the classroom and share your projects with the world.

Photopeach is used by educators and students in hundreds of schools world wide, including schools in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, England, Pakistan, Argentina,Thailand, and more.

The combination of images, music, and text helps students learn about presentation, expression, writing, communication skills, art appreciation, and media literacy. The quality of the finished work is great and students will remember it forever.

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Ease of Use

PhotoPeach allows you to create a rich slideshow easily in seconds and the slideshows are instantly ready for presentation. It can be easily started and finished within a short class period.

Flexible privacy settings

Photopeach has flexible privacy settings: Public, unlisted, and private. Slideshows are set to unlisted by default. According to your purpose for the slideshow, you can either keep it public, unlisted for sharing in a closed network only; or you can make it public and share it with the larger community of parents or the educators' network. detail »


PhotoPeach is great for collaborative group work. By using the quiz feature you can create an interactive slideshow with multiple choice questions on any or all slides. Students can answer quizzes made by a teacher or they could create their own quizzes and give a presentation to the class.

In the classroom

This clip on YouTube shows elementary students in a group using a quiz that was designed on PhotoPeach.

Other use cases

  • Library: Introduce new upcoming books with the image of the covers by a librarian; promote library actions; create book trailers
  • For second language class / ESL class: Vocabulary with pictures / vocabulary quiz; Storytelling / story creation; Work with grammar content
  • Assistive technology class: Support reading and writing for students with disabilities
  • Technology class: Show students and staff how to use computer applications
  • Kindergarten: Mothers day and Fathers day slideshow to share with the parents; travels of "Billy Shakesbear"
  • Tutorial for students / Introduction of the curriculum content
  • End of year slideshow
  • As an assessment tool
  • “20 things about me”
  • Slideshow about the rights for the children
  • International exchange between schools
  • Teachers’ training
  • For presentations at conference


Discovery x PhotoPeach

Photopeach is proud to have been hightlighted in the Discovery Educator Network’s Teacher Appreciation Week 2011!!!

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