PhotoPeach Class Premium

A better way to manage student accounts and work.

Effortlessly create and manage student accounts for a class or a whole school. A class premium account can manage a large number of student accounts effortlessly, with adjustable controls for privacy, sharing, and other useful features built for educators like you.

Features Ad-free  Student Account Management Features

You can easily create multiple Student accounts without email addresses.   Students do not have access to alter or delete your account.   Easily organize projects with tags and publish them as public pages to share with parents and the community.   Your student’s work will not appear among published content on PhotoPeach by default.
Download unlimited shows in burnable DVD (.iso) Format and High Quality Digital Video (.mpeg) format for sharing online   Upload your own .mp3 music files to customize your slideshow soundtracks   Create unlimited photo albums, and unlimited photos per album   Customize the transition effects between photos to your liking
Class Premium
(An educator account and multiple student accounts)
Allow educator to create & manage multiple student accounts OK
Email address is not required for Student account
No No
Easily organize
projects with tags
Educator can set tags and publish them as public pages to share with parents and the community
No No
Avoid students from seeing any improper contents OK
“Explore” menu or social function won’t shown for student. By default comment is not allowed to student's slideshow.
No No
Avoid students from deleting their own user account or slideshows by mistake OK
Only educator can delete student’s account or slideshow
No No
Ad-free OK OK With ads
Unlimited photos per album OK OK No (max. 30 photos)
Download unlimited slideshows
(MPEG and ISO format)
educator only
Upload your own music OK OK No

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