Tutorial for PhotoPeach Class Premium

1. Purchase your Class Premium subscription

Purchasing your Class Premium subscription requires that you Sign in.
If you don’t have an account, please Sign Up and create an account in advance.

A Class Premium subscription includes:

  • Multiple student accounts and one Educator account
  • Create Student usernames (email address not required)
  • Administrative tools to manage student accounts and students work


2. Create your students’ accounts

A class premium allows you to have one Teacher account and multiple student accounts.

How to set up new Student accounts

  1. Please log in with your Educator Account (The user account that you used when you purchased class premium)
  2. Please click “Class Premium Dashboard” and open the admin tool.
  3. Please click “Add Student” and input the student’s new username and password.

Now you are ready to use PhotoPeach in your classroom. Let the learning and fun begin!

Class Premium
(An Educator account and multiple student accounts)
Allow educator to create & manage multiple student accounts OK
Email address is not required for Student account
No No
Easily organize
projects with tags
Educator can set tags and publish them as public pages to share with parents and the community
No No
Avoid students from deleting their own user account or slideshows by mistake OK
Only educator can delete student’s account or slideshow
No No
Avoid students from seeing any improper slideshows OK
“Explore” menu or social function won’t shown for student
No No
Ad-free OK OK With ads
Unlimited photos per album OK OK No (max. 30 photos)
Download unlimited slideshows
(MPEG and ISO format)
educator only
Upload your own music OK OK No

3. Create slideshow in your classroom

1. Upload Photos

First choose pictures from your computer. Then Photopeach will automatically upload them.

2. Arrange Photos

Now, all photos are ready to be presented in the slideshow. You can change the order the photos should appear in by dragging and dropping, and when you are satisfied, click “Next”.

3. Add Music

Now, enter the title of the slideshow and add music. PhotoPeach allows you to directly search for songs on Youtube without leaving the site.

4. Done!

Click "Finish" and your slideshow is ready.

Now, add your captions to the show, and try embedding it into your blog, facebook, myspace, or posting to twitter with the buttons displayed below each one.

4. Manage your students’ slideshows

An Educator Account allows you to manage your students’ slideshows and your students’ accounts. Please open the “Educator Dashboard” to acess the following actions:

  • Create and delete student accounts
  • Change the password of student accounts
  • Display a list of students’ slideshows
  • Add tags to students’ slideshows
  • Delete students’ slideshows
students' slide